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Graphic Design

It is the imaginative process of visual message that cartels images, words, ideas to convey information to an audience. In this area of design, technology goes together with art. The main tools used for the act of creation include images and typography. Visual messaging begins with an innovative use of the latest technology. Designers today use conceptual thinking in traditional and emerging digital technologies to create the stunning visual and typographic solutions across information design, advertising, publishing and packaging that surround us in the modern world. That’s why we offer communication and graphic design Courses at Fly High Animation.

Graphic design course is an opportunity to gain an invaluable foundation in creative and abstract skills, and integrate the latest knowledge and technology in visual communication. Our forward-thinking approach focuses on the diverse practices of this field. You’ll explore and develop sophisticated expertise in print and digital media, including web design, plus advertising, corporate branding and product packaging: It’s just a matter of choosing the course that suits the future you can picture. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace. Future careers can be found in design consultancies, advertising, publishing, merchandising and more.

Graphic designers flourish on solving visual problems, meeting tight deadlines, and producing original designs within budgets and working with a wide variety of technologies. It is a challenging, portable, and international profession. Working with other talented and creative photographers, illustrators, writers, typographers, printers, programmers and fabricators.Whether you work with a small studio or large institutional design department, you’ll find exciting design challenges, rewarding financial benefits and extensive career options as a graphic designer.

Our Program

Fly High Animation Graphic Designing advanced program develops creative and strategic thinkers who design and execute for interactive media, such as web and screen, user interaction, motion design, as well as traditional print products. You will learn how to generate creative solutions and produce visual materials for effective design communication across a wide range of media, and gain knowledge and skills that are desired in today’s workforce through exposure to many topics and tasks that are required of today’s designers. You will become talented with strategy, typography, digital design, branding and interactive design, motion design, relevant programming skills, information design, editorial design and free enterprise providing you a skill set to thrive in the design industry.

Graphic Design Training is one of the three programs within our interaction and design common platform cluster. This makes you exposure to the different areas of design, common elements of programming, and cooperative work with students getting trained to work in related careers. Exposure to the ever-evolving, dynamic world of design will allow you to investigate the edges of this area of study. You will confirm your focus prior. You will travel many sides of graphic design within a various curriculum that features instruction in industry-based technology. Opportunities to participate in industry competitions will allow you to put your design skills to the test. This program includes the unique opportunity to gain real-world experience through Fly High Animation making career connections and building your portfolio.

Graphic designers create more than pretty pictures. These ideas will inspire inform and demand to consumers, from logo design and page layout to giant traffic-stopping billboards.These Courses cover all foundations from design software and publishing to typography, allowing you to work in print, film, electronic and digital media. Outline a career with an entry-level certificate.

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Visual effects Plus

Visual effects have exploded a lot in the past few decades. Upgraded tools have made animators more required after than ever, marking this as a great time to learn visual effects (VFX). The Fly High Animation training institute is intended to not only impart you the theory that every great animator needs to know, but equips you with the specialized skills that will help you shine in competitive VFX jobs. The role of the animator in the entertainment industry has radically expanded over the past several decades and the Animation School at the Fly High Animation reflects these changes. Like other top animation schools, the Fly High Animation focuses on teaching the basic theory required to become a visual effects artist. But we set ourselves apart with an emphasis on the practical, career-making skills that actively prepare students for life after the Academy.

Award-winning faculty is composed of professional animators and visual artists with years of experience. They make sure designed a demanding, hands-on VFX curriculum to prepare the next generation of animators and visual effects artists for an ever-growing and competitive industry. As a top animation school, Fly High Animation provides its students with professional facilities and equipment. While studying visual effects, students will gain hands-on experience with the industry standard Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Motion Builder, and Nuke software as well as learn to use professional-grade equipment.

Program gets the chance to learn the practical and creative tools they need to master visual effects for film, video, and content creation. After this course, they may choose to become freelance animators or to hunt a career in the film, gaming, interactivity, or commercial industries.

Courses Curriculum

Throughout the course, students learn the essential aspects of VFX, from storyboard to final movie. Students also get the opportunity to delve into the realm of visual effects and go deeper into advanced modelling techniques. Students will go through the fundamentals of making a template for an animated movie or sequence. The amount of labor, hard work, and attention to detail required to make even a short animated movie necessitates an exacting and exhaustive amount of preparation before the modelling; animation, lighting, and much more even to begin.

After finishing the basics for the creation of their movie, students will focus on the next stage of the process, using software that includes Maya, Mudbox, and ZBrush. (Please note that our software may change as new methods for animation evolve and we continue to use industry standard products). ZBrush and Mudbox are now widely used in both movie and video game production.

As the year progresses students begin developing a final project that showcases a primary area of interest, be it modelling, animation VFX, or a combination thereof Visual effects are an important part of the movie production and are used for adding computer generated characters and particle systems, such as fluids and explosions into live action shots. The major features of VFX are included in our one-year conservatory program, including the software programs Nuke, Maya, and Motion builder. Learners will cover the concepts like Motion Capture, Advanced CG Lighting, Green Screen Editing, Subtleties, Compositing, Scripting, Compositing, and Motion Tracking.

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Flim Editing

The Fly High Animation trains students on Avid's Media Composer software. Media Composer is the leading digital editing software in the industry in the areas of feature length films, television and documentaries. Editors grip one of the most precarious roles in the film making industry. Filmmakers depend on an editor’s storytelling and digital editing skills to shape the description of their story in post-production and to sophisticate their films. Editors are not exclusively limited to the film industry; they work in many areas of media, including news, documentaries, television, and web series.

The Fly High Animation 4-Week Digital Editing Workshops and 12-Week Evening Digital Editing Workshops provide students with hands-on instruction in editing theory, techniques and the fundamentals of digital editing. Students achieve hands-on practice by editing several projects with footage provided to them in class. They also learn various theoretical concepts of editing and how to practically apply those theories.

Your Film Editing Department aims to give every student on the MA Film making program a detailed understanding of the aesthetics and technical principles of the craft. The basic foundation of Editing is taught to all MA film making students through practical exercises, which reflect the current professional industry standard for 16 mm, 35 mm and HD workflows and are founded on the principle of film making as an art and a profession. Great emphasis is given to visual storytelling and in the use of all elements of story, performance, cinematography, frame composition, sound, and design to serve the narrative and the director’s vision.

The professional relationship with the director is an essential part of their work and it is developed from the beginning, through the Editor’s participation to the project at the development stage. In the part of film editing training students grow initiative, discipline and communication as the essential values in order to successfully collaborate with other departments and technicians involved in the making of a film. If shooting is like generating the raw material of a film, the edit table is where the film finds its final processed & packaged form. The skill of editing, no longer an invisible skill as it used to be, is maybe the very essence of Film Making. The Editor is the one who makes the final decisions about what needs to be seen and heard in a film, while also controlling its rhythm & pace.

The present trend is the non-linear editing system that digitizes and stores footage onto computer hard disk drives. New software allows this video and audio information to be viewed, modified, and eventually played back in real time from the system, without changing the original rushes. The tools now-a-days is such that it allows the Editor to directly broadcast his or her work in full resolution from a workstation or print it to celluloid, videotape or hard disk. Students at Fly High Animation are trained to be Editors and not mere machine operators. Through hands-on practical training using software’s like FCP, Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects, they are taught the fundamental and aesthetic principles of editing for film and television.

Editing Curriculum

Our trainers have designed the Editing curriculum around storytelling and the relationship between editor and director. Learners will gain their ability to apply to the demands of fiction, documentary and animation, creating visual narratives while working with sound, music and, where appropriate, special effects.

  • Role of an editor
  • Principles of communication
  • Genres and styles
  • Using the digital editing system
  • Overview of digital post production
  • Analysis various styles by watching films
  • Basics of linear editing
  • Basics of compositing and VFX
  • Dramatic continuity
  • Filmic rhythm, time and space
  • Composite and component signals
  • Video compression and codecs
  • Introduction to production-standards editing packages: FCP X and Soundtrack Pro

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3D Animation

Fly High Animation Program (3D Animation) helps you develop your skills & build a professional work portfolio. With sharp skills and the right training, you can work in animation studios, gaming companies, television channels, advertising agencies & film production companies, and have a high-paying career. Getting a cartoon character to life contains more than just technical ability. Fly High Animation Program 3D Animation course will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and deep critical and creative thinking needed to excel in this dramatically expanding area.

Reinforced by ideologies in technology, science and artistic practice, this course will help you learn all about new tools and industry trends to ensure you are up to speed on all of the latest developments demanded by industry. Have you ever wanted to create your own superhero in an original 3D animated movie, design breath-taking special effects, or make your own animation? The Fly High Animation’s 3D Animation program offered at our Gold Coast and Hyderabad locations gives students the chance to learn how to make animation using industry standard 3D animation software that you will use to create and animate 3D models and immersive 3D animation.

In the program, students study in advanced facilities to learn the essentials of 3D animation and learn how to become an animator, starting from sketches, to creating 3D models, to making their own 3D animated movies. Working with advanced equipment and the best animation software, students also get the advantage of studying under faculty of consummate and professional 3D animators who remain active in the industry. Each faculty member boasts a unique amount of professional experience and specialties that will help students develop into well-rounded 3D animators and master the art of how to become an animator.

Students who are going get trained in this course do not need to have earlier knowledge in the 3D animation, though students with a background in studio art and computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop are encouraged to apply. However, regardless of experience level, the pace of the program is intense and extremely hands-on, so students will quickly find themselves on level with one another.

The Fly High Animation‘s 3D Animation program is the ideal choice for those who desire to make their own animation, create original 3D models, and ultimately complete an original 3D animated film. The skills learned in the 3D animation program can be applied to a host of other industries, including architectural modelling, game design, and much more. Furthermore, students graduate with a reel of their completed projects to show to prospective employers. In addition, students get the added benefit of working with their fellow students to create a collaborative network that can last long after completing the program.


Over the course of two semesters, students will take a varied and intensive curriculum that will cover a wide variety of animation Courses and topics in order to learn how to become an animator. Students will begin by learning the fundamentals of animation and how the 3D animation production pipeline works. Ultimately, students will complete the program with a professional body of work of original 3D animated films.

Students enrolling in the Fly High Animation’s 3D Animation program will be expected to complete the following learning goals and fully understand the following topics:

  • Design
  • Story boarding
  • 3D Modelling
  • Texturing / Shading
  • Rigging
  • 3D Animation
  • Compositing
  • Rendering
  • Crafting original visual effects

Softwares We Cover In Multimedia Course

  • Graphic Designing
  • VFX Plus
  • Flim Editing
  • 3D Animation

Course Duration :

  15 Months

Game Development Course

A powerful open source alternative software for Adobe Photoshop with which we can able to achieve industry standard quality without compromise. Krita can be used mainly for texturing, character design, cel shaded character design, background creation for games, environment design, Concept creation, Complete Game Art which includes both 3D and 2D assets. Krita also comprises of non-destructive layers and masks as well as Vector artwork support and excellent advanced brush engine. Krita got an intuitive interface which can be heavily customizable. The Dockers and panels can be placed as per user preference regarding whichever workflow user is working on. We can even save the customization setup. Customizable shortcut keys can be created for commonly used tools. Krita contains Palette which can be accessed just by right-clicking on the canvas with which we can able to pick our color as well as brush to paint/draw. Palette even contains the most recently used colors which can be configured through the preferences tab. Krita contains 9 unique brush engines where each engine has a large amount of settings to customize the selected brush. Every brush has its own purpose which is to satisfy a specific need such as a color smudge engine, shape engine, particle engine and filter engine. We can even save the customized brushes and organize them with krita’s tagging system. In Krita creating seamless textures is very easy without any clunky offsetting of an image repeats itself. Krita manager can allow users to export and import brush and texture packs to expand existing tool set through Resource are in krita’s website We can open PSD files that even Photoshop can’t which can intern be saved to PSD when we want to take the artwork across different programs. Krita is an unique painting application that lets you open, save, edit and author HDR and scene-deffered images even with OCIO and OpenEXR support we can manipulate the view to check HDR images to further use them in the most cutting edge workflows from the Film, visual effects industries and Gaming Industries. We can Bend, distort, move or liquefy the selections with nondestructively through transformation masks. With OpenGL enables we can increase the canvas rotation and zooming speed. Canvas looks better when zoomed out when OpenGL is enabled. Use a drawing aid to assist you with vanishing points and straight lines using the Assistant tool which comes with 9 unique assistants to help make the perfect shapes like drawing ellipses, curvilinear perspective. We can use multiple assistants at an instance while drawing. Multibrush tool allows to rotate the mirroring along with adding more axis for a kaleidoscope effect.

Unity is an all in one editor capable of designing immersive experiences, game worlds with its strong suite of developer tools for implementing game logic and high end performing gameplay. Unity supports both 2D and 3D development. Unity has AI Pathfinding tools which makes navigation system that allows NPC to intelligently roam around the game world easier. Unity has built in UI system which allows for the creation of user interfaces fast and intuitively. Unity uses Box2D physics and NVIDIA PhysX physics engine for industry leading gameplay. Unity can be extended with whatever tools you need to match your workflow with customized extensions or get from readymade thousands of resources, tools and extensions from the asset store to speed up the game projects. Unity’s Play mode is an incredible and flexible tool for rapid iterative editing. Playing and previewing the game to know how it looks in its platform specific final build is never easier. We can even pause the gameplay in between to alter values, assets, scripts and other properties and instantly see the corresponding results which makes debugging flawless. Using unity we can create Cinematic cut scenes and in game sequences which can be used for story telling that makes artist’s life easier. Using Unity’s unique smart camera system, you can control shots like a movie director. Unity also got powerful particle system with which you can easily create liquids, clouds, flames and any kind of particle effects with ease. Unity has its own IDE MonoDevelop which makes C# scripting without integrating with visual studio. In unity we can create the look you want with professional and fully features Post Processing FX which makes Color Grading and effects smooth. Using unity’s Animation Timeline, Anima2D, particles and tight integration with 3D Designing packages to animate directly within Unity. Using unity’s inbuilt creation tools to prototype, design 2D levels and directly import scenes from 3D Designing packages like blender, 3dsmax, Maya and other 3rd party tools to with high fidelity. Unity’s Progressive Light mapper we can polish and hone the scene with post processing and optimize with mixed lighting modes for the best result depending on the platform. You can produce amazing visuals with real time global illumination and Physically Based Rendering. Native Graphics APIs are compatible which makes multiplatform graphics management easier taking the advantage of the latest GPU and hardware improvements like Vulkan, IOS Metal, DirextX12, nVidia VRWorks and AMD LiquidVR. Unity has advanced profiling tools which offer insights such as determining if your game is CPU or GPU bound, and how to optimize rendering, gameplay performance for a smooth End user experience. Unity is the industry leading multiplatform with which we can build once and deploy anywhere to reach the largest possible audience. 25 plus platforms across mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR and the Web are supported which makes the IP you created is future proof.

Unreal Engine 4 is a complete suite of development tools which suits anyone ranging from solo developers to huge game development companies whom needs to work with real time technology, enterprise applications, architectural visualization, and cinematic experiences to high quality games across PC, console, mobile. VR, AR, highly advanced toolset and accessible workflows empower developers to quickly iterate on ideas to finalize the end product with immediate results without even touching a single line of code. Unreal engine 4 provides full source code access which gives everyone in the game community the freedom to modify and extend the engine features. Unreal Engine 4 has Photo real rendering in real-time with which you can achieve Hollywood-quality visuals out of the box. Unreal engine’s physically based rendering, advanced dynamic shadow options, screen space reflections and lighting channels provide an efficient, awe inspiring content with ease. Since unreal engine is open source, you can study, customize and debug the entire Unreal Engine to ship your project without any obstruction. Unreal Engine has designer friendly Blueprint visual scripting with which you can rapidly prototype and ship interactive content without writing a line of code. Blueprints can be used to build object behaviours and interactions, modify user interfaces, and adjust input controls. Visualize gameplay flow by inspecting properties while testing your work using the powerful built in debugger. Unreal engine ships with scalable client/server architecture out of the box which helps to bring instant viability to any project’s multiplayer component. The built in Cascade visual effects editor enables you to create mesmerizing particle systems using a wide variety of modules. Leverage particle lights to impact your scene and build complex particle motion with vector fields to simulate realistic nature and create professional levels of polished VFX. Unreal engine has film quality post processing effects out of the box with which you can adjust the look and feel of scenes with filmic effects at your fingertips including ambient cubemaps, ambient occlusion, advanced bloom, color grading, depth of field, eye adaptation, lens flare effect, light shafts, temporal anti-aliasing and tone mapping. Unreal Engine has flexible Material editor which makes used of physically based shading, unprecedented control over the look and feel of character and objects with fine tuning values at the pixel level to achieve any kind of style you desire. With Unreal’s Extensive Animation Toolset completely customize characters using features like mesh, animation editing tools, state machines, blend spaces, inverse kinematic and animation driven physics. Animation Blueprints can be used to work efficiently by previewing your animations on the fly as you craft dynamic characters with natural looking movement. Using Unreal’s state of the art cinematic editor called Sequencer, you can unlock your creative potential with a fully non-linear, real-time cinematic editing and animation tool. Define and modify lighting, camera blocking, characters and set dressing on a per shot basis and create dynamic cutscene variations using cinematic cameras and live gameplay recordings. Reach out, grab and manipulate objects with the built in full editor VR Mode. The complete Unreal engine runs in VR mode with advanced motion controls with which you can build in a “what you see is what you get” environment. Create large and open world environments using landscape system which paves the way for terrains that are orders of magnitude larger than what has been previously possible with the help of Unreal’s powerful Level Of Detail system and efficient memory use. Automatically cover you outdoor environments with different kinds of foliage like grass, bushes, trees, rocks and other decorations by painting with the Foliage tool. In Unreal engine we can give AI controlled characters increased spatial awareness of the world around them which makes them to mimic human behaviour flawlessly. Dynamic navigation mesh updates in real time as you move objects for better path finding at all times. Unreal has built in Audio Engine which enhances your project’s audio with revolutionary features including real time synthesis, dynamic DSP effects, physical audio propagation modelling.

Is an incredible 3D Authoring and Scan Processing Tool mainly used to make Custom Materials which are otherwise complex to make using normal methods. All the materials created using Substance Designer will have infinite variations with power control over it. We can create, iterate a material into multiple different materials with just a few clicks. Scan processing can be done in substance designer thanks to the filters and tools in an adapted to photogrammetry workflow. Substance designer contains a comprehensive set of tools and filters including Crop Tool, Color Equalizer Tool, Extract Channels filters, Smart Patch Clone Tool and Smart Auto Tile Tool. We can even extract channels and add Procedural Effects and Vector Graphics as well. Tileable Textures up to the 8K size which can be used in Game Engines, V-Ray and Adobe Felix. Substance Designer contains Real-Time Physically Based Viewport with I-Ray Path Tracing. Substance Designer contains Node based Non-Destructive workflow which constitutes mainly four graph types: Tiling Textures, MDL Materials, Math Functions and Noise Editor. Using Substance Designer we can export the textures to any renderer, game engine, DCC tool and portfolio website. Materials created in Substance Designer are compatible with 3DS MAX, MAYA, MODO, CINEMA 4D, Substance Painter, Houdini, Adobe Fuse, V-ray, Corona, Octane Render, NVIDIA I-ray, NVIDIA mental-ray, MARMOSET TOOLBAG, ARTSTATION, Sketchfab and Blender. A wide variety of content such as sbs, sbsar files, hand-painted images, photographs, scans and geometry like .fbx & .obj can be imported into Substance Designer. Substance Designer contains a large number of pre-set filters and tools for Procedural and Hybrid Workflows which we can access, combine or modify the sources of all filters to obtain vast possibilities. In Substance Designer, we can bake quickly and easily with a complete set of bakers for creating non-uniform bakes up to 8K resolution.

Is an ultimate 3D painting software which enable us not only to Texture, Render but also 3D PBR Painting, Particle Painting using brushes with Opacity control, Substance Procedural Effects, Smart Materials, Smart Masks and finally fast Baking. Substance Painter is VFX-Ready with its 8K support, Color Management, UDIM Management and Scripting API which makes its seamless integration into any VFX workflow easy.

A powerful Image to a Material generator which enables full control even at a micro surface level on the texture. Bitmap2Material can able to generate all PBR textures with just one input image. A Metallic map can be easily obtained from the image using simple tools, which is quite essential while working in PBR Pipeline. We can adjust highlights and shadows in just a few clicks. Finest details in any material can be achieved by manipulating the comprehensive set of parameters available in the software. Substance files can be imported in numerous compatible software to simplify the PBR related workflow.

Marmoset Toolbag is a complete featured real-time rendering, animation and baking suite, which provides artists a powerful and efficient workflow at any stage of a production. Marmoset Toolbag contains modular shaders and responsive scene editor which ensure a very speedy workflow. Short film can be staged easily by utilizing the incorporated systems for importing and keyframing meshes, lights, cameras, post effects and much more. Exceptional image-based lighting is available in conjunction with Global illumination to provide awesome occlusion, breathtaking bounced light, and spectacular reflections as Marmoset Toolbag’s lighting tools are one of the best in the industry. The baking tools available in Marmoset Toolbag are artist-friendly which provides smooth texturing workflow with real-time updates, bake groups and interactive 3D painting. Magnificent Portfolios can be made utilizing refreshed renderer to create impressive images, animation tools to create vibrant videos and Marmoset Viewer for tantalizing WebGL Presentations. Marmoset Toolbag’s physically accurate renderer makes it easy to create stunning promotional material for Game, Film or any product launch from look-dev to final presentation. Exporting to Unity and Unreal Engine were easier than ever with Marmoset Toolbag.

Marmoset Toolbag can be customized to the desired pipeline with Python plugin and custom shader support. Marmoset Toolbag’s functionality can be extended with scripts that automate common tasks and add new features. Ready-made shaders and plugins are available from the Add-on Library in Marmoset Toolbag. Irrespective of the industry Marmoset Toolbag is an essential part of the modern 3D artist’s workflow which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Softwares We Cover In Multimedia Course

  • Krita
  • Photshop
  • Dragonbones
  • Unity 5
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • Bitmap2Material
  • Marmoset Toolbag 3
  • BoscaCeoil
  • FL Studio 12.
  • FMOD

Course Duration :

  4 Months