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Visual Effects Course

Visual Effects have exploded a lot in the past few decades. Upgraded tools have made animators more required after than ever, marking this as a great time to learn visual effects (VFX). The Fly High Animation training institute is intended to not only impart you the theory that every great animator needs to know, but equips you with the specialized skills that will help you shine in competitive VFX jobs. The role of the animator in the entertainment industry has radically expanded over the past several decades and the Animation School at theFly High Animationreflects these changes. Like other top animation schools, the Fly High Animation focuses on teaching the basic theory required to become a visual effects artist. But we set ourselves apart with an emphasis on the practical, career-making skills that actively prepare students for life after the Academy.

Award-winning faculty is composed of professional animators and visual artists with years of experience. They make sure designed a demanding, hands-on VFX curriculum to prepare the next generation of animators and visual effects artists for an ever-growing and competitive industry. As a top animation school, Fly High Animation provides its students with professional facilities and equipment. While studying visual effects, students will gain hands-on experience with the industry standard Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Motion Builder, and Nuke software as well as learn to use professional-grade equipment. Program gets the chance to learn the practical and creative tools they need to master visual effects for film, video, and content creation. After this course, they may choose to become freelance animators or to hunt a career in the film, gaming, interactivity, or commercial industries.

VFX Course Details

Throughout the course, students learn the essential aspects of VFX, from storyboard to final movie. Students also get the opportunity to delve into the realm of visual effects and go deeper into advanced modelling techniques. Students will go through the fundamentals of making a template for an animated movie or sequence. The amount of labor, hard work, and attention to detail required to make even a short animated movie necessitates an exacting and exhaustive amount of preparation before the modelling; animation, lighting, and much more even to begin. After finishing the basics for the creation of their movie, students will focus on the next stage of the process, using software that includes Maya, Mudbox, and ZBrush. (Please note that our software may change as new methods for animation evolve and we continue to use industry standard products). ZBrush and Mudbox are now widely used in both movie and videogame production.

As the year progresses students begin developing a final project that showcases a primary area of interest, be it modelling, Animation VFX, or a combination there of Visual effects are an important part of the movie production and are used for adding computer generated characters and particle systems, such as fluids and explosions into live action shots. The major features of VFX are included in our one-year conservatory program, including the software programs Nuke, Maya, and Motionbuilder. Learners will cover the concepts like Motion Capture, Advanced CG Lighting, Green Screen Editing, Subtleties, Compositing, Scripting, Compositing, and Motion Tracking.

Softwares We Cover In VFX Course

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premier
  • Eyeon Fusion
  • Pf Track
  • Silhouette
  • Mocha Pro
  • Nuke

VFX Course Duration : 5 Months